General Terms & Conditions

(hereinafter "T&C") of GP Ticket Ltd. on the sale and purchase of entrance tickets to motorsport events

1.     General

1. T&C forms an inevitable part of each sale and purchase agreement concluded by GP Ticket Ltd (hereinafter: GP Ticket) and the Customer using this website ( or any of its domestic version).   

2. By sending a Ticket Order Customer agrees to be bound by the present T&C unless Parties explicitly agreed to the contrary in writing. By entering the motorsport event Customers are also deemed to have accepted and understood as binding on them all conditions of entry of such event (summary of conditions usually set out on the related Ticket) and acknowledge all terms and conditions of obligations, responsibilities and accompanying risks prescribed by the Organizer of such event.

2.     Definitions

Cost of Delivery (or Shipping fee) means the counter value of delivering all Tickets ordered in the same Ticket Order by the Customer a) to the same Race and b)to be delivered to the same address c) at the same time. Cost of delivery is set out in the respective Ticket List on this website.

Customer means the buyer of one or more tickets (hereinafter: the Ticket or Tickets), who placed a Ticket Order using this website and settled the Purchase Price.

E-mail means an electronic letter sent by the Customer to GP Ticket's following address: (or a message sent using the form at the Contact Us page of this website).

GP Ticket means a limited liability company registered in Hungary (registration number at the Metropolitan Court of Registration, Budapest Cg.:01-09-889249; address:1051 Budapest, Sas utca 11/III/8a ; taxation number:  HU14107612) operating in the field of selling entrance Tickets to motorsport events in conjunction with the Organizers of such events and other booking agencies.

Handling Fee means 5-15% (but minimum €10 / $15) of the Ticket Price charged by GP Ticket covering administrative expenses incurred in connection with proceeding the Ticket Order.

Organizer means the issuer of Tickets.

Parties mean GP Ticket and the Customer together.

Purchase Price means the aggregate of i) the Ticket Price b) the Handling fee and c) the Cost of Delivery.

Race means part of a motorsport event scheduled for a given day

Shipping company means a recognized parcel distribution company (UPS, DHL, etc.) engaged by GP Ticket to deliver Tickets to Customers.

Ticket Order means the Ticket Order Form filled in properly and sent by the Customer to GP Ticket either using this website or via facsimile or by mail.

Ticket Price means the price of 1 Ticket as set out in the Ticket List   The Ticket Price is a gross price that includes the prescribed sales tax applicable in the country of the event (e.g. VAT in Hungary), the profit margin  of GP Ticket and other costs  associated with the procurement of the Ticket. Due to the above reasons and that GP Ticket purchases the Tickets  from various sources, the Ticket Price may be different from the face value printed on the Ticket.

Ticket Voucher - Document sent by GP Ticket to the Customer, which entitles the Customer to pick up the Ticket or Tickets at the dedicated ticket collection point

3.     Ticket Order, Sale and Purchase Agreement

1. Immediately after receiving of a Ticket Order, GP Ticket sends a written confirmation (hereinafter: the Confirmation) of receipt of the Ticket Order issued by the Customer. Confirmation comprises the summary of the Ticket Order elements and a payment instruction subject to the method of payment of the Purchase Price indicated by the Customer in the electronic Order Form of this website or on the hard copy version of Order Form (hereinafter: the Payment Instruction).

2. The agreement on the sale and purchase of a Ticket between the Parties (hereinafter: the "SPA") is deemed to be concluded when the Confirmation arrives to the Customer. If the Confirmation does not arrive to the Customer at least within 48 hours after the order was placed, Customer's offer shall cease to be binding.  The SPA is considered to be fulfilled when a) the Shipping Company confirms delivery and takeover of the Ticket(s) by the Customer or an authorised person duly acting on behalf of the Customer at the address set out in the Order form or b) GP Ticket sends the Ticket Voucher to the Customer by e-mail. The contract concluded is a written contract. The conclusion of the written contract is supported by the electronically saved data of the transaction as entered by the Customer, which is kept on file by GP Ticket within the deadlines specified in the respective laws on accounting and taxation. Data typed by the Customer, data stored about the Ticket order in the system of GP Ticket, the written Confirmation as detailed in 3.1., other data of the transaction (e.g. bank confirmation) and the present T&C together form the written contract.

3. Customer accepts that GP Ticket is unable to fulfil any requests to seating, since the seats are distributed by the Organizer. Customer accepts that the Organizer may change the location of grandstands and general admission areas at its own discretion.

4. If the ordered Tickets become sold out in the meantime, GP Ticket shall notify the Customer in writing (to the e-mail address provided by the Customer on the Order Form) about its new offer indicating the available Ticket(s) of the same category in value or, in lack thereof, those of another category in value (hereinafter: the New Offer). If the Customer accepts the New Offer, the SPA shall be considered to be modified by the Parties' mutual consent. Customer undertakes to accept the alternate Tickets, being in compliance with the New Offer, as due completion of GP Ticket's obligation under the contract.

5.  If GP Ticket is unable to provide the Tickets or alternate Tickets in accordance with Clause 3.4, it shall notify the Customer in writing (to the e-mail address provided by the Customer on the Order Form) about the non fulfilment of the SPA.

6. If the Customer pays the Purchase Price to GP Ticket later than the contract cancellation date set out in Clause 6.2, it shall be considered as a new Ticket Order and GP Ticket undertakes to notify the Customer about the acceptance thereof within 2 working days. In failure of such Confirmation no SPA is concluded and the Purchase Price shall be reimbursed to the Customer by GP Ticket within 30 days.    

4.     Prices and payment

1. GP Ticket reserves the right to change Ticket Prices from time to time. Changes will not affect the prices of Tickets already ordered and paid. The Purchase Price of a Ticket is guaranteed at the time of the payment of the Purchase Price in full. 

2. Customer is entitled to pay the Purchase Price through a credit card or by bank transfer in accordance with the related Payment Instruction. Banking expenses incurred in connection with the Purchase Price payment by bank transfer shall be borne by the Customer. Customer is obliged to pay the Purchase Price within 3 days reckoned from receipt of the Confirmation (in case of a bank transfer, the transfer shall be initiated within such deadline).

3. GP Ticket provides for the currently available most secure way of credit card payment as detailed under title "Security" on this website.

5.     Delivery of Tickets

1. Delivery of Tickets shall be made by the Shipping Company to the address set out by the Customer in the Ticket Order. Tickets are delivered to the delivery address 7-14 days prior to the Race depending on when the Tickets are printed and distributed to GP Ticket by the Organizer. All Customers shall be notified by phone or via e-mail if there are any exceptions. The Customer shall immediately notify GP Ticket via E-mail on the failure of receipt/delivery of the Ticket(s) by the 7th day preceding the Race.

In case the Ticket Order was placed by the Customer less than 30 days before the Race, GP Ticket will deliver the Tickets to the delivery address 1-7 days prior to the Race only. However GP Ticket will make its best efforts to deliver the tickets 7-14 days prior to the Race if applicable.

In case the Tickets cannot be delivered to the address provided by the Customer due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. the Organizer or the supplier of GP Ticket does not send the Tickets in a timely manner), GP Ticket organizes that Customer can collect the Tickets at the circuit at the dedicated ticket collection point as advised by the Organizer about which GP Ticket informs the client by e-mail and sends the Ticket Voucher. GP Ticket provides a refund for the Cost of Delivery within 30 days after the race.

In case of certain races GP Ticket accepts Ticket Orders under the condition that tickets are not shipped to the address provided by the Customer. Instead tickets must be collected at the dedicated ticket collection point as advised by the Organizer. GP Ticket specifically shows on its website (above the respective ticket list) and in the order confirmation sent by e-mail in case the Tickets are not delivered for a certain race. The Ticket Voucher and the ticket collection instructions (i.e. how to collect the ticket at the circuit) are sent by e-mail to the Customer 3-7 days before the race.

2. According to the agreements concluded between GP Ticket and the Shipping Company, the General Terms and Conditions of the Shipping Company including its general insurance conditions shall be applicable to the delivery of Tickets.

3. The risk of loss or damage to the Ticket(s) shall be transferred from GP Ticket to the Customer at the moment when the Tickets are delivered at the address indicated in the Ticket Order and taken over by the Customer or its duly authorised representative. By signing the acceptance certificate the Customer or its duly authorised representative confirms the takeover of the Ticket(s) in accordance with the SPA.

4. Cost of Delivery contains the basic insurance premium offered and charged by the Shipping Company according to its general insurance conditions. In case of loss of Ticket(s) the indemnity paid by the Shipping Company to GP Ticket according to its basic general insurance conditions (hereinafter: the Indemnification) shall be fully reimbursed by GP Ticket to the Customer within 30 calendar days following receipt of such Indemnification.   

6.     Cancellation

1.  Customer is entitled to cancel the Ticket Order within 2 hours following receipt thereof by GP Ticket. The time of receipt by GP Ticket of the E-mail from the Customer cancelling the Ticket Order shall be deemed to be the date of cancellation.

If cancellation arrives within the deadline set out in Clause 6.1. above ,  GP Ticket confirms acknowledgement of the cancellation in writing and reimburses the Ticket Price and the Cost of Delivery to the Customer within 30 calendar days following the cancellation, provided that the Purchase Price has already been paid. In case of a delay, GP Ticket notifies the Customer about the refusal of the cancellation, and, if applicable, for the Customer's information gives the exact time when the Shipping Company took over the Tickets for delivery and the expected delivery date of the Ticket(s).           

GP Ticket does not accept any cancellation of the Ticket Order and does not refund any amounts if the Customer initiates the cancellation of the Ticket Order otherwise than allowed in this Clause.

2. Due to GP Ticket's cancellation, the SPA shall be automatically cancelled on the 8thday following the day of conclusion, if the Purchase Price does not arrive to GP Ticket's bank account until such date. 

3. In the case if an event or a  Race is cancelled by the Organizer, GP Ticket shall reimburse the Ticket Price with respect to the cancelled event or Race to the Customer within 30 calendar days following receipt of such amount from the Organizer or the partner booking agency. Customer acknowledges that GP Ticket will reimburse neither the Handling Fee nor, the Cost of Delivery (if the Ticket(s) is/are already taken over for delivery by the Shipping Company). If the event or Race is rescheduled, the already paid Tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date as offered by the Organizer.

4. In the case the Customer does not accept the New Offer in compliance with 3.4. and GP Ticket is unable to perform the SPA, it shall reimburse the full Purchase Price to the Customer within 30 calendar days.

7.     Warranties and liability

1. GP Ticket warrants that the Tickets issued by the Organizer are delivered to the Customer in compliance with the terms and conditions of the SPA. In case the Tickets are not shipped to the Customer (see 5.1), GP Ticket guarantees that Customer can pick up the Tickets upon showing the Ticket Voucher at the place and time described in the e-mail sent by GP Ticket to the Customer.

2. GP Ticket shall reimburse the full Purchase Price to the Customer within 30 calendar days in case the Organizer or the partner booking agency is liable for the invalidity and unlawfulness of the Tickets.

3. With reference to Clause 3.3. GP Ticket excludes any liability for the fulfilment of any seating request of the Customer or for changes made in the location of grandstands and general admission areas by the Organizer.

4. Customer is aware and acknowledges that Races can become dangerous, may cause personal injury and damages to personal property. Customer declares that he/she will participate at the  event/Races on his/her own responsibility, behaves in accordance with the terms and conditions of entry published by the Organizer of the event.

5. The information on GP Ticket's website has been compiled with the greatest attention to detail. Verification of the appropriateness of maps, circuits maps, location of grandstands and general admission areas, pictures, videos and ratings uploaded to this system is not possible. Nevertheless there might be errors or omissions on the site. By using this website Customer acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to verify the correctness of any data or information found on the website. GP Ticket excludes any claims arising from inappropriate information on its website.

8.     Protection of personal data, authorisations

1. GP Ticket as data processor warrants that processing of the Customer's data shall be in accordance with laws and regulations on data handling and data protection in force. Detailed information is available under title "Privacy" on this website.

2. By placing the Ticket Order, the Customer declares and warrants that his or her personal data indicated on the Ticket Order are true and accurate.

3.  If the Customer signs up to the electronic newsletter, until withdrawal of such authorisation, GP Ticket shall be allowed to send to the Customer any newsletter and other promotional materials with respect to both the Tickets and events advertised on this website as well as the fan articles offered on, and to process the Customer's personal data for such purpose.

9.     Disputes and applicable Law

1. In all matters arising out of the use of this website and the sale and purchase of Tickets the Hungarian Law shall apply.

2. In case of a breach of the present T&C, GP Ticket Ltd is entitled to restrict the Customer's use of the website, cancel the Ticket Order and/or take the necessary legal actions.

3. The English text of the present T&C has been  translated into other languages. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language versions (except the Hungarian version) of present T&C, the English version shall prevail. With respect to the legal relationship between Hungarian Customer(s) and GP Ticket, the Hungarian text shall apply.

10.  Amendment of T&C

1. GP Ticket Ltd reserves the right to change the T&C from time to time. To each Ticket Order the version published on this website at the time of such Ticket Order shall be applicable.

You can download and save the current version of the Terms and Condition in pdf format by clicking the link below. If you have any technical difficulties, please write to and we will send you the current version of the T&C.