What types of tickets can I buy?

There are two main types of grand prix tickets: (1) general admission and (2) grandstand tickets. General admission tickets are normally the cheapest ones you can buy and they provide access to the open area around the circuit. In the general admission area normally there are no seats, your place is not reserved and the view is often not as good as from the grandstand places. However it is often situated near to the circuit so that excitement is guaranteed.

Grandstand tickets are valid for tribunes with (mostly) numbered seats therefore your place is guaranteed. These tickets often provide better views of the circuit than general admission tickets. The tribunes are often roofed which can be useful both in hot or rainy weather.

What do the pictograms mean in the ticket list?

Video screen - in order to allow you to follow the action you cannot see from your place there are several video screens around the circuit. You can see on our virtual maps where those video screens are placed.

Covered/uncovered grandstand - a part of the grandstands are covered and some of them are not. Please make sure that you check if the grandstand is covered or not when ordering your tickets.

Numbered seats - in this case your place is reserved. The number of the seat is printed on your ticket.

How do I know if a ticket is still available?

In case in the ticket list you see ‘SOLD OUT' it means that there are no more tickets available in that particular category. Please note however that for certain grand prix 1-day tickets are only sold at a later stage. These are marked as ‘N/A' - not available yet.

I only want to see the grand prix on Sunday. Do I have to buy weekend tickets?

No. In most cases the organizers of the grand prix offer weekday (Friday, Saturday) and race day tickets as well. Please check the list of tickets of the grand prix you are interested in, where we clearly indicate if a ticket is valid to one particular day or to the full weekend.

I want to buy tickets for my children. Are there children tickets available?

Most of the grand prix offer children tickets at a special, discount rate. We refer to the ticket list for further information. If you are not sure if there are children tickets available please let us know and we will answer your questions.

I want to travel to the circuit by car. Do I need to buy a special parking ticket?

In case of some grand prix you have to buy parking tickets in advance (e.g. in our webshop) while in some cases you pay on the spot. Please check the ticket list of the race you are interested in if there is a separate parking ticket to be bought.

Order process

How can I order my tickets?

This is very easy, just follow the steps in the menu Helpdesk/How to order.

Is there any additional charge on the top of the tickets price?

Yes, we charge the following items when you order tickets with us:

- Price of the tickets ordered
- 5-15% minimum € 10 / $ 15 handling fee calculated on the value of the tickets to cover the costs we incur in connection with your order
- Shipping fee that we are charged by the courier service DHL

We hope that you will find our prices competitive

How can I pay for the tickets ordered with you?

Please see the details in the Helpdesk/Payment Methods menu.

Is my credit card charged for the purchase price immediately?

Your credit card is first blocked for the amount of your purchase but the final debit is made within 48 hours.

Is payment secure on your website?

Yes, absolutely. In fact when you get to the point in the order process when all booking details are given, the website will redirect you to a page that is on the servers of K&H Payment Services Ltd. Once you are redirected you can give the details of your credit card. As such payment is made on the website of K&H Payment Services Ltd.

Can I cancel my order?

We apply a 2 hour cancellation policy, therefore you can cancel your order within 2 hours after your order was placed. Since we incur additional costs related to your cancellation we must charge a fee for cancelling the order. This will typically cover the costs associated with transferring the money back to your bank account and the additional administrative work that occurs.

Unfortunately, after 2 hours or if your order has already been confirmed or the tickets were given to the Shipping company there is no way of cancelling it.

Delivery of tickets / Shipping

How and when will I get my tickets?

Due to some anti forgery considerations the organizers of the grand prix normally start printing the tickets couple of weeks before the grand prix. As a consequence, we will deliver the tickets you bought 1-2 weeks before the grand prix takes place.

E-tickets are sent by e-mail in pdf file and no delivery fee is charged.

Printed tickets are sent with DHL and a delivery fee is applicable.

We will send you the tickets with an internationally recognized courier company DHL. Delivery is within 48 hours after being posted about which we will inform you in e-mail beforehand. Tickets are delivered in working hours (9am to 6pm) to the address provided by you as delivery address.

In case you are not sure whether you will be at home when the tickets arrive we recommend you to give your workplace's address instead. We have a strict policy that the tickets are only given to the person ordered and paid those, therefore please make sure that you would be available on the day of the delivery.

Can I track the status of the shipping?

Yes, DHL has a parcel tracking system on their respective websites. Once the parcels are taken over by the courier they will send you an e-mail informing you about the expected delivery date and an individual identification number of your package. You can use this id number to track down your package on their website.

Please make sure that you provide us a valid and working e-mail address when ordering your ticket so that you will receive information about the delivery in a timely manner.

How much does the shipping cost?

E-tickets are sent by e-mail in pdf file and no delivery fee is charged.

E-ticket: € 0.00

Printed tickets are sent with DHL and a delivery fee is applicable.

We work with DHL worldwide to deliver the tickets to you. We recharge you the fee that the above couriers charge us as follows:

- Europe / within EU: € 21.50 / $ 23
- Rest of the world: € 30.00 / $ 35

Can I change the delivery address later on?

You can change the delivery address until about 4 weeks prior to the grand prix. However it is your responsibility to notify us in advance if a change occurs in the delivery address. We do not accept the change of the delivery address until it is acknowledged by a return e-mail to your original e-mail.