How To Order

In this section we provide you some guidance how to order your tickets.

Step 0 - Selection of the Grand Prix

- Read the General Terms & Conditions of GP Ticket Ltd.

- Select the Grand Prix you want to see live in the horizontal scroll below the main menu by clicking on the appropriate grand prix.

Step 1 - Select the tickets you want to buy

- Check the price and the currency of the ticket

- Enter the number of tickets you want to buy in the white field next to the ticket.

- If you are ready to go further then click on the cart button in the ticket list which will navigate you automatically to the Cart menu

Step 2 - Order confirmation

- Once you are in the Cart menu check the summary of tickets selected

- If you want more tickets to buy for the same grand prix then click on the "Continue shopping" button and start the process at Step 0 again

- In case you want to change your order then remove the item from your shopping cart by clicking on the "Remove"

- If you finished the selection of tickets and you are fine with the details of your order then click on the "Proceed to checkout" button

Step 3 - Contact, billing and shipping details

- Give your contact details including your e-mail address which will be the primary communication channel that we will use. Make sure that your contact details are accurate

- You can provide different billing and shipping addresses as well. However please make sure that the person who pays for the tickets are identical to the person to whom the invoice is addressed.

- Moreover there is a text box in this form where you can provide us additional information with regards of billing/shipping or other preferences that we will try to fulfill.

- Select you payment method (creditcard or bank transfer)

- Click on "Review order"

Step 4 - Order summary

- Please make your final check of the tickets bought, the price of the tickets, the additional costs (shipping cost and handling fee)

- Check your contact details, including the delivery address

- Check the box if you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of GP Ticket Ltd. If not we are unable to take your order

- Click on the "Place order" button

- In case you selected the bank transfer as payment method you can place your order by clicking the "Place order"5 button. We will issue an invoice to you based on which you will be able to transfer the price of the tickets. Please note however that until we receive payment in full we will not confirm your ticket order.

Step 5 - Payment

- You will be redirected to the payment page of K&H Payment Services Ltd.

- On K&H Payment Services's site, please enter your credit card number, maturity date, security numbers each in the designated field an click on the 'Pay' button if you want to pay

- On K&H Payment Services's page you will get a message if the transaction was successful or not. If you click on the back to the shop button will bring you back to our page

- On our page you will also see the status of the transaction that you initiated

Step 6 - Processing your order

- After we received your order we will send you a confirmation of the receipt of the order. Note however that the order will not be processed until the tickets ordered are not paid in full. - Together with our confirmation (by email) we will send you a soft copy of your invoice.

Your package/E-Mail with tickets will be delivered 1-2 weeks before the event/race.

After the grand prix

- Following the grand prix we will send you an email in which we will invite you to our website again to provide your rating of the tickets you bought. Your answer will help other fans to consider your opinion in the future when they are to visit the same grand prix.

- Moreover you are also welcome to share your opinion of the quality of the service we provided.