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The Italian Grand Prix is held on Autodromo Nazionale Motodromo, a circuit near the town of Monza and Milan, north of Italy. The circuit, first built in 1922, is famous for the fact that drivers are on full throttle for a significant portion of the lap due to its long straights thereby reaching an average speed of 280 km/h. The original track contained a banked oval circuit the remainder of which is a must see for all formula one fans.

The 5.8 kilometer long circuit has only 10 turns, which best represents the importance of the very fast straights. Setting competitive lap times is not easy: drivers must make use of all of their skills at every turn and chicane since both accuracy and aggression are required. Since horsepower is critical for speed on the straights, only teams with strong engines at their disposal are able to qualify for the first rows of the starting grid.

The ‘La Pista Magica', the magic track is also known to be the spiritual home of the Scuderia Ferrari and their passionate and fanatic supporters, the Tifosi.  Probably that is the reason why there is a very special atmosphere at each race in Monza.  Make sure you order your ticket for the Italian Grand Prix now and be part of the magic.

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