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The Singapore Grand Prix is held on the Singapore Street Circuit around the city's beautiful Marina Bay, similar in style to the Monaco Grand Prix and the new circuit in Valencia. This Grand Prix will be the first street race in Asia and is one of the three races in the F1 calendar to run anti-clockwise.  However the most unique in this grand prix is that it will be the first race in the history of F1 to be held during night time. The circuit will be fully lit which will give drivers an additonal challange to cope with.

The 5.1 kilometer long circuit was originally designed by Herman Tilke and his team, who designed most of the F1 tracks built in the past decade. Following the acquisition of the right to hold a Formula One Grand Prix the works has begun to prepare for the inaugural race. Amongst others a new 1.2 kilometers long street is being built for the east side of the track.

The track is expected to be technically challenging given that it has a good combination of fast and slow turns providing multiple overtaking opportunities. Cars are expected to reach a top speed in excess of 300 km/h in the final straight section of the track.

Order your ticket for the Singapore Grand Prix now and be one of those privileged people who witness this exceptional moment of F1 history.

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