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The Chinese Grand Prix is held in the outskirts of Shanghai, China approximately 30 kilometers from the downtown. The circuit was built in a record short period of 18 months in 2003/04 and cost approximately $450 million best representing the strength of the Chinese economy nowadays. The inaugural Formula One race was held on 26 September 2004.

In common with many other new Formula One circuits, it was designed by Hermann Tilke and also features his trademark track feature - a long straight followed by a hairpin turn. Interestingly the longest straight of the track is not the final one. From an aerial view, the track layout is similar to the Chinese character shang the first word in the name of the city Shanghai, and which also means 'above' or 'ascend'.

The 5.5 kilometer long circuit has a total of 16 turns in equal blend of left and right ones. Combined with the two longer straights the circuit offers several overtaking opportunities being one of the key ingredients of an exciting race weekend. The capacity of the track is approximately 200,000 including the main grandstand of 29,000 from which allow spectators to see approximately 80% of the circuit.

Make sure that you order your tickets for the Chinese Grand Prix now and share the formula one experience with thousands of other fans in the state-of-the-art facilities of the Circuit.

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