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The first Grand Prix in Monaco was held in 1929 and since 1955 it has always been part of the Championship. Before adding Valencia and Singapore to the Championship in 2008 it was the last real street circuit of the world.  The track has been altered several times during its long history but the ultimate layout has not changed so much apart from some recent minor improvements to increase safety conditions.

The race track itself is very narrow, has tight turns and many shifts in elevation that makes it probably the most demanding track of the Formula 1 Championship. It contains both the slowest corner in F1 (the turn at the Grand Hotel, to be taken at 50 km/h) and one of the quickest (the flat out section in the tunnel, to be taken at 260 km/h) which best describes its difficulty.  Due to the tight and twisty characteristic of the track it requires the skill of the drivers over the speed of the cars.  Since there is virtually no overtaking opportunity during the race the result of the grand prix very much depends on the grid position obtained during the qualification and the pit strategy applied.

Due to its demanding nature the Monaco Grand Prix has always offered one of the highlights of the season.  This Grand Prix is no doubt the very race of the year that every driver dreams of winning and every F1 fan wants to see live. Since there are limited grandstands around the circuit make sure you buy your grand prix tickets now!

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