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The Gran Premio de España Telefónica is held in Montmelo, just outside of Barcelona, Spain. The circuit was built in 1991 and has been part of the Formula One grand prix series ever since. The 4.7 kilometers long circuit is one of the best designed tracks of the recent era with 8 left-hand and 5 right-hand turns.

The circuit is part of the very few circuits where testings are hosted therefore both the drivers and mechanics are quite familiar with every inch of the track. This has led to some criticism that the teams are so familiar with the track that there is hardly any action during the races. Despite the critics the circuit hosts an exciting and memorable race every year including Michael Schumacher's first ever win in Scuderia Ferrari (1996) and when ten thousands celebrated Fernando Alonso as the first Spanish to win the Gran Premio de Catalunya (2004).

For spectators Elf turn is among the best places to watch the grand prix, as it is one of the track's few overtaking opportunities. For the drivers it is the last two turns, known as New Holland, which provide one of the biggest challenges of the entire race.

Barcelona, being one of the greatest cultural cities of Europe, is another reason why the event is normally sold out well in advance of the Grand Prix. Be prepared and buy your F1 tickets now.

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